Father Vladimir Simunovic

Father Vladimir Simunovic was born to Helena and Mihajlo in 1983 in Serbia, Yugoslavia, where his father served as an assistant priest in their native village. He is the first child of six; after him came five sisters. When Father Vladimir was 1.5 years old, he moved with his family to eastern Croatia, one of the 6 Republics constituting a former Yugoslavia, where his father, being also a priest, was assigned as a pastor. The family lived there till 1991 when, because of war happenings, they had to flee to western Croatia, into a city of Krizevci, where his family still lives.

Father Vladimir graduated High School in Krizevci in 2002 and in the fall of the same year he enters seminary in Rome, Italy where he begins his studies of philosophy at Pontifical University Urbaniana. He graduates philosophy in 2005 with a bachelor degree and in the same year begins a bachelor in theology at Pontifical Gregorian University which he successfully completes in 2008. From 2005 to 2007 he obtains a master degree in bioethics at Pontifical Atheneum Regina Apostolorum. From 2008 to 2011 Father Vladimir is enrolled at Pontifical Oriental Institute where he studies Eastern Canon Law and obtains a licentiate degree.

In August of 2011, having finished his studies, he got married to Bozhana. He was ordained deacon in the same month and a priest in October at his Cathedral Parish of Holy Trinity in Krizevci by Bishop Nikola Kekic, Eparch of Krizevci.

On the invitation of Bishop Bryan Bayda, in January 2012 father Vladimir and his wife Bozhana arrived to Canada, Saskatchewan to serve in the Eparchy of Saskatoon. Father was assigned to All Saints Parish in North Battleford serving also in Hafford Pastoral District at the same time. Since their arrival to Canada, Father Vladimir and Bozhana were blessed with two children, sons Mihael and Jakov.

In May of 2015, Bishop Bayda appoints Father Vladimir as the administrator of St. Basil’s Parish in Regina. He started his ministry in the new parish on August 1, 2015. In June of the same year, Father was elected to the Presbyteral Council of the Eparchy of Saskatoon. In May of 2017 he was appointed pastor of the same parish as well as a member of the College of Consultors of the Eparchy of Saskatoon. On November 1, 2017 Father Simunovic was appointed dean of Regina Deanery.

While his ministry continues in both Eparchy of Saskatoon and St. Basil’s Parish, Father, together with his family, enjoys the time here, meeting wonderful people and trying to contribute by giving his talents and gifts to God and his people.