Parish Council

Aims and Objectives

The Parish Council[1] is a representative body of all the parishioners and organizations in the parish, whose purpose is to promote the mission of the Church. In its nature, it is a consultative body which helps the parish priest (pastor) in administration of the parish, who is the only legal representative[2] of the parish and to whom is entrusted the care of the parish and of its faithful.[3]

The Parish Council is the main coordinating and unifying body of the parish and is responsible for overall parish pastoral and material care, formulating policies and procedures, developing goals and objectives, and reviewing their implementation regularly.

The Parish Council's role is spiritual, pastoral, financial and administrative planning and related consultations, as well as to maintain and supervise material properties and administer finances of the parish.

[1] Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches (CCEO), Canon 295: In the parish there are to be appropriate councils dealing with pastoral and economic matters, according to the norms of the particular law of its own Church sui iuris.

[2] Ibid, Can. 290, §1: In all juridic affairs the pastor represents the person of the parish

[3] Ibid, Can. 281, §1: The pastor is to be a presbyter to whom, as the principal cooperator of the eparchial bishop, is entrusted the care of souls as their proper shepherd in a determined parish under the authority of the same eparchial bishop.

Parish Council Members for the year 2020/2021

The members of the Parish Council are elected at the Parish Annual General Meeting, according to the norms of the Parish Council Constitution.

Elected Executive Council members:

Chairperson: Terry Kuzyk

Vice Chairperson: Wayne Hofstra

Secretary: Susan Kohuch

Treasurer: Myron Sereda

Elected Council members at large:

Carla Lazurko

Katrina Nagle

Mark Piniach

Waverly Stechyshyn

Ex-Officio Members:

President/Pastor: Fr. Vladimir Simunovic

Past Chairman: Betty Schill

UCWLC: Betty Pollock

UCBC: Orest Kiryluk

UCYC: Lesia Lazurko

K of C: Arthur Ingleby

SBSC: Bohdanna Pankiw

(these representatives are selected by their respective organizations)

Nominated but not as a part of Parish Council:

Auditors: James Empey, O’Neil Zuck, Joseph Malawski

(all these members are nominated for a one (1) year term)