Ultimate A & B Youth

Ultimate A&B Youth

Ultimate A & B Youth is a joint parish youth program between St. Athanasius Ukrainian Catholic Parish and St. Basil’s Ukrainian Catholic Parish (the only Ukrainian Catholic Parishes in Regina).

This organization is in union with the Ukrainian Catholic Youth of Canada (UCYC).

Meeting Times: are usually once a month from 7:00pm-9:30pm. In case of date changes, please refer to the bulletin or the youth poster.

Purpose: A brief synopsis of the UCYC Constitution. - Under the patronage of St. Michael the Archangel our purpose: “To encourage and enable young people of our Ukrainian Catholic Christian community to share their gifts with their brothers and sisters in Christ supported in love by the community.”

Goals of UCYC according to the Eparchy of Saskatoon:

1. To foster spiritual growth in youth and young adults

2. To empower youth and young adults to discover their purpose

3. To identify, challenge and engage youth and adults in leadership

4. To equip and provide resources for leaders in young and young ministry

Who can attend:

· The Ultimate A & B Youth are for youth in Grades 8-12

· Our organization encourages our UCYC youth to bring their friends as guests to show them the riches of our culture, heritage and spirituality

Contact Information:

Youth Coordinator: Lesia Lazurko

Youth Email: ultimateaandb@hotmail.com

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